Northport: A Hot Spot For Art

The Long Islander News
Huntington Weekly

May 11-17, 2017
By Janee Law



Northport Village is known for the beautiful scenery, quaint atmosphere and artistic vibe produced by art galleries, the John W. Engeman Theater and events hosted across the village.

Erica Berkowitz, co-owner of Haven Gallery at 155 Main St., said that Long Island as a whole boasts a dearth of art galleries, but Northport has "a number of independently run stores that are very unique… And you also have numerous events that happen in Northport itself that I think really create a destination and a place of culture and enrichment."

Berkowitz, who co-owns the gallery with husband Joseph Weinreb, added, "Having as many galleries as we fortunately have now in Northport is a wonderful thing."

Offering representational artwork with touches of surrealism and emotion, particularly in paintings, drawings or sculptures, Haven Gallery will be featuring two exhibits May 13, 6 to 8 PM, "It Came From Beneath The Sea," which is guest curated by Travis Louie, and works by Syd Bee. Other upcoming summer exhibits include Nadezda: Fly-By-Night, Alex Garant, Annie Stegg Gerard and Ornamented.

With Northport being the home to five art galleries, The village has both natural and artistically created beauty, which draws many people to the village, said Kate Sydney, co-founder and managing partner of Firefly Artists.

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