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Winter Wall February Artist: Vivien Pollack

Vivien Pollack is a textile designer, silk painter and teacher. You can learn about her and her gorgeous, award-winning work on her website. Really, though, you've got to see it in person! The show will run throughout the month. Stop by and see her amazing work!


Winter Wall March Artist: John Raffery

Straight out of high school, John Rafferty had every intention of becoming a sci-fi/fantasy book cover illustrator, that is before taking a thirty-year detour into the world of advertising and design.

As a designer, he created magazine ads, package and product designs, and produced videos for, among other things, a jumbotron commercial. Far be it for John to live a life of all work and no play, on his own time, he continued painting, wrote and illustrated a published a comic panel Marooned on the Mainland, wrote and illustrated a children’s book A Gift for Spigot Sloatwater, wrote and directed an award-winning short film Blissful Thinking, and penned his first self-published novel A Perfect Wave.

The paintings in this series Rust In Peace are motivated by John’s long-held fascination with the unexpected color and textures found in rust and corrosion. Old tin signs, an abandoned car left to rot in the woods, a length of chain disintegrating slowly on an lonely beach all carry an air of nostalgia that can lead to questions of an unremembered past. A healthy stretch of the imagination is recommended while viewing this show.


Welcome New Firefly: Helen Murdock-Prep!

Helen reminds us that at the heart of all creativity is play.
She is an Artist, Calligrapher, Cartoonist (“Shrinking Violet Comics”), Writer, Actress, and Theater Educator. She sings constantly and is also wont to dance. You can find her on Instagram: You can also check out her blog, find her on Facebook and Etsy. and also on RedBubble, Have you heard of RedBubble? It's an amazing place to get art imprinted on all sorts of stuff! Helen's art book, “Lettering Life: Calligraphic Inspirations” is available on her etsy or worldwide at Her novel, “High Drama: A Novel” is also available on
Come to the Firefly to see her lovely illustrations -- they are delightful!


Welcome New Firefly: Infared
Photographer Chuck Lembo

Chuck Lembo is an architect who has always been interested in photography. His grandfather was a commercial welder who used to carry his own camera to work every day, photographing and developing pictures of his construction sites. Chuck has many of his originals, documenting construction of bridges and tunnels throughout NY City. When Chuck was 13, he received his first and only camera lesson from him, explaining how to balance aperture and shutter speed using his fully manual 35mm Canon AE-1. In college, Chuck got into black and white photography, shooting countless architectural models for portfolios and presentations. He started using his 35mm Nikon N2000 to explore and experiment with infrared film, fascinated with how lighting affected various elements and made pictures more dramatic and intense. After purchasing a new Lumix FZ1000 for a trip to Europe, Chuck had his 15 year old Nikon D70 DSLR permanently modified to take Infrared photos above 590 nanometers. He recently purchased a Nikon D7000, which he plans on converting to full spectrum...from ultraviolet to infrared...,so he can take full color or black and white infrared, and explore diverse post-processing techniques. Chuck spends most of his time taking pictures of architecture or landscapes, and candid shots of his 7 year old daughter...when she'll let him!


Welcome New Firefly:
Photographer Steve Caputo

Steve’s pursuit of beautiful light, panoramic vistas and mercurial moments has spurred him to create evocative landscape, people and abstract exposures. He is a NSUH Auxiliary Photo Contest Winner, and producer of more than 45 Shutterfly sites. His work has been featured in local restaurants, in Long Island magazine and local newspapers. He's a career marketer, which is evident in his knack for packaging his art in diverse and useful forms. For 19 years, his “Light of Day” Desktop Calendar and companion book series has been a sought-after, successful business building tool. Steve's also got a sense of humor - His latest book, which is available at The Firefly, is “Images Wit Words – The Art & Sigh-ence of Punography,” a collection of visual puns, dad jokes and happy accidents that occur when a photograph and its title come into focus at the same time. He is also an avid sports and concert photographer, Over the past 6 years, Steve has chronicled the USA Patriots (formerly the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team), during their annual visit to NYC and the surrounding areas. The images reflect the team’s message that “life without a limb is limitless”. Steve resides in Greenlawn. His website is On Instagram, he's @stevec2011


upcoming events

Calligraffiti Workshops at Firefly!

Winter 2020 at Firefly Art Gallery - 162 Main St. Northport
$45 fee includes the class and a free pen. Come join art educator Helen Murdock-Prep teach this fun class that features the scripted style knows as Calligraffiti.

Adult Classes Sat, Febrary 22nd, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Thur, March 19th, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Thur, April 16th, 6:30pm-9:00pm
(8 and up)
Thur, February 20th, 1:00pm-3:00pm


Jewelry Classes with Rachel Morgan Kalina

Rachel Morgan Kalina, thewoodandwatch has been creating and selling The Wood & Watch Jewelry since 2007. She loves teaching, and prides herself on providing endless encouragement and individualized attention to students.

Whether you want to learn through one-on-one instruction or spend time creating jewelry with a small group of friends, Rachel can tailor a class to your needs!
Start Silversmithing {6 hours total / multiple sessions} Create a pendant or earrings in sterling silver with a jeweler’s saw. (There are no torches in this class, however, it is a prerequisite to soldering lessons).
Basic Soldering {3 hours total / 1 session} Make minimalist sterling silver stacking rings or stud earrings with a torch.
Advanced Soldering and Stone Setting {10 hours total / multiple sessions} Take your silversmithing to the next level by building a ring or pendant from scratch. Discover how to bezel set a gemstone as the focal point of your piece.
Metal Stamping {2 hours total / 1 session}. Customize pendants with a word or short quote by hand stamping steel letters onto metal.
Beaded Bracelet for Beginners {2 hours total / 1 session} Curious about how to start making your own jewelry? Make a bracelet with stringing and beading techniques.
To Inquire about Classes: Email Rachel at


Karen Lind at the Northport Library

Northport Library, 151 Laurel Avenue, Northport
Reception on February 14, 2020 7:00pm-8:30pm

Karen Lind invites you to come Meet the Artists and see her show on Valentines Day, February 14th at the Northport Library. She'll be there from 7:00-8:30, along with cookies and cider, hearts and flowers!


John Lazarro show at fotofoto

fotofoto - 14 W. Carver St. Huntington Village
Through Feb 22, 2020

John Lazarro has a solo Show running at fotofoto in Huntington until February 22nd. "A Vanishing New York" documents the last remaining abandoned sites in the Empire State. New York is riddled with forsaken buildings; each having fascinating histories ravaged by the exploits of modernization. Many of these now abandoned treasures once operated with the best intentions until something went horribly wrong along way. And, while most have fallen subject to vandalism and neglect over the years, there are some that have yet to be touched by the modern world.


Mary Ahern show - Omni Gallery, Uniondale

Show runs through April 26, 2020
Reception March 8, 2020, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Mary Ahern loves sharing her passions. Go to her website to check out her Art and Gardening Connoisseurs Newsletter! Among items, you can glimpse a current show that runs until April 26that the Omni Gallery in Uniondale.



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