Long Island Landscapes is a juried exhibition of works celebrating the beauty and artistic inspiration of Long Island, New York. Artists living on Long Island and in the surrounding region are eligible. Deadline to enter is September 2, 2021. Exhibition will be September 14 - October 10 at The Darcy Arts Center on the second floor of The Firefly Artists Gallery.


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Deadline extended to
Sunday September 19th!


Abandoned Haunts & Curious Trappings is a juried exhibition of hauntingly beautiful photography of abandoned spaces and 3D works that complement this eerie theme. The call for entry for this exhibition opens soon. Submissions now due September 19, 2021 with an exhibition October 12 - November 7 in the Darcy Arts Center located on the second floor of The Firefly Artist Gallery in Northport, NY.

The Firefly is honored to have Matthew Christopher of “Abandoned America” serving as the juror for this exhibition. Matthew’s journey to document abandoned sites began a decade ago while researching the decline of the state hospital system. Realizing that words alone could not adequately convey the harsh realities of institutional care, Matthew embarked on a journey to visit and photograph the crumbling state schools and asylums in our midst.  

Matthew Christopher
Abandoned America

Ten years later, Matthew’s focus has broadened to include the ruins of American infrastructure, industry, churches, schools, theaters, hospitals, prisons, resorts and hotels as realized in his books, “Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences” and "Abandoned America: Dismantling the Dream". His website, Abandoned America, has gained international attention and is considered one of the leading collections of images of abandoned spaces.

From Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts to the US Air Force’s aircraft boneyard in Tucson, Arizona, Christopher’s extensive collection of derelict sites is featured on his website Abandoned America. His work has gained international attention and he is considered a leading expert on urban blight and the efforts to preserve America’s endangered architectural history and has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the East Coast, including OK Harris (NYC), Open Lens Gallery (Philadelphia), Frick Fine Arts Building (Pittsburgh), and the Edward Hopper House (Nyack, NY). 

Matthew earned his MFA in Imaging Arts and Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012. His photography has been featured in the New York Times, NBC Nightly News, the L.A. Times, BBC, ABC News, NPR, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Catholic Sun, Yahoo News, Yahoo Travel, Business Insider, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, the Weather Channel, the Huffington Post, New York Daily News, the Metro, Photo District News, Photographer’s Forum, Juxtapoz, the Discovery Channel Magazine, and many others. 

Matthew continues to present his work across the United States on the art of ruins, abandoned spaces, preservation, and mental health history and currently teaches photography workshops and is working on a podcast.


Firefly is pleased to support the “Community of Hearts” art exhibit in remembrance of 9/11 that will be opening on September 1, and on view for the remainder of the month at The Northport Library and the East Northport Library.


Main Street in Northport featured on News12

Long Islander News, December 07, 2018
By Sophia Ricco

Northport native, Caroline Flynn from News12 Long Island visited Main Street in Northport. The feature called "Mondays on Main Street" gave a glimpse at the best our village has to offer visitors. We were so happy she stopped by Firefly! Here is a portion of the full story that aired on News12. Click here to check it out! >


Bringing the heart of the arts together on Long Island

The Firefly Artists have managed to spend the pandemic nurturing their community of artists, and expanding their offerings exponentially. They have been honored to recently welcome E. Craig, Rebeccah Bahr, Robert Nock and Sal Agnello as new Artist Members, and Renee Reichert as a new Teaching Artist!

While they missed being able to invite in crowds and spent much of 2020 stumbling over plans foiled by the pandemic, The Firefly Artists have been able to carefully maintain community even, and maybe even especially among their older and/or immunocompromised members. They were also thrilled to support young artists by initiating a scholarship program through the Heckscher Museum’s Long Island’s Best, with a new round being awarded soon!

“It is wonderful to work with so many diverse talents as part of Northport’s Main Street,” said Firefly Managing Partner, Writer and Photographer Katheryn Laible, “Having this creative community was a lifeline as we together navigated 2020. Not only have we survived this incredible year, we have greatly expanded our offerings. It’s exciting!”

A major development has been the upward expansion of their Main Street, Northport gallery to establish “The Darcy Arts Center at the Firefly Artists,” named for Firefly James Darcy and his deeply talented, dearly missed son US Navy Intelligence Specialist James “Patrick” Darcy. This expansion includes a major and a minor gallery space as well as new studios. It has already hosted five full-scale exhibitions with several others in development.

“Our primary focus remains our member Fireflies in our Main Gallery, but the space is gorgeous – and the potential is exponential,” says Laible, “Follow us to learn about growing opportunities for local artists and all who appreciate them!”

The Firefly Artists continue be fluid as this pandemic experience hopefully draws to a close. Please check out their website www.thefireflyartists.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for developing lists of exhibition, class, and event details.




The Darcy Arts Center is the new exhibition space on the second floor above The Firefly Aritsts Gallery.







The Darcy Arts Center is

dedicated to fostering cultural

growth in our community

through art exhibitions and

education opportunities while

enriching lives through art.


Long Island Landscapes
A juried exhibition of works celebrating the beauty and artistic inspiration of Long Island, New York with an opening reception on September 25

Abandoned Haunts
and Curious Trappings

A Hauntingly beautiful exhibit featuring photography of abandoned spaces and 3D works complementing this eerie theme.
Reception October 16th.

Member Show
An ecclectic display of members
of The Firefly Artists.


October 1-3, 2021 from our Watercolor Masters Series
Antonio Masi, A BOLD Approach to Water-Based Mediums
The goal of this workshop is to show the untapped power of water-based mediums. The focus will be on how to approach the mediums from a contemporary point of view, powerful, emotional and delicate. Learn how attention to details and unusual perspective make for poetic, moody works, with strong textural qualities. Registration Open>

April 4-7, 2022 from our Watercolor Masters Series
Mick McAndrews: Sophisticated Simplicity in Watercolor
Immerse yourself in the unique qualities of watercolor in this comprehensive workshop designed for painters looking to strengthen their skills in composition, expand their visual language, and develop their artistic voice. Registration Open >

October, 2022 from our Watercolor Masters Series
Ian Fennelly: The Journey of Looking in Watercolour and Pen

Embark on a creative journey with world renowned Artist, Teacher and Urban Sketcher, Ian Fennelly, who loves to record the experience of being in a busy place. More info >


What some of our students have to say about our workshops

Just wanted to let you know that Andy Evansen's workshop was wonderful. ClapBlushNot only do I appreciate his looser painting style (if only I could paint looser...lol) but he is a good teacher...explained what he was doing and why... and repeated it so we had a chance to really grasp it. Cant wait until we can do an in-person several day workshop with him..

Thank you and the Firefly for arranging this workshop and others. It is greatly appreciated.

Painterly yours, Toni


Thank you Jan for bringing yesterday’s amazing workshop to us. Although I have heard everything Andy had to say before in different workshops, it is finally starting to make sense. Andy has a unique way of making these concepts palatable. He is really a great teacher. This workshop inspired me to take out the books I’ve collected on watercolor painting and to revisit and practice all of the techniques I’ve learned and forgotten along the way. I am also going to make a concentrated effort to do value studies as they are so important to beginning painters such as myself. I can’t thank you enough for mentoring and nurturing me as an artist. I am forever grateful!



The Darcy Center for the Arts
Our new art center on the 2nd floor of The Firefly Artists


Firefly is so excited about our new expanded gallery space called the Darcy Arts Center. The new space will host workshops and classes with world renowned artists. We are currently running Zoom workshops, but look forward to adding in person events later this year.

The beautiful space is filled with natural light and will be home to special exhibitions like juried shows, member exhibitions and is also available for rent for art shows. But the most exciting addition will be an opportunity to expand our opportunies for local artists by adding The Darcy Arts Center Memberhip. Over the past 10 years, Firefly has been able to serve well over 250 artists by displaying and selling their art in our main galleries and our pop up galleries around Long Island. In our continued quest to serve the local art community, we are offering our Darcy Arts Center Membership that includes discounts on juried exhibitions and gallery rental; inclusion in member shows and special members-only events/lectures; and other perks. Contact us for more information.

If you are interested in renting The Darcy Center for the Arts for an exhibition, please contact us at (631) 651-5545

*Note: Our gallery is located in a historic building and we apologize that there is no handicap access to this exhibit on the second floor.


  The Firefly Artists are thrilled to have an ongoing exhibit appearing at Copenhagen Bakery, located at 75 Woodbine Avenue across from the Northport Harbor Park.


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